UFC Fight Night 101 Play by Play

FS1 Main Card- UFC Fight Night 101 Live – Main Card

UFC Fight Night 101 Play by Play

Seo Hee Ham (16-7) vs. Danielle Taylor (7-2)

Round 1 – Nice body kick early by Taylor, Ham controlling the octagon. Ham calls timeout and is given it by the ref. Interesting. Replay shows there was an eye poke. Back to action. Ham is stalking. Taylor retreating with her mough open. Taylor swinging hard. Taylor getting in and out. Nice overhand by Ham. Nice flurry by both fighters. Taylor lands a nice cross. Ham stalking again. Ham stuns Taylor on forehead. She’s got a mouse. Ham lands again. Taylor moving a lot. Retreating. Ham looking for single shots. Another left from Ham. Taylor with a body kick.

Round 2 – Taylor with a nice cross early. Ham still stalking. Nice right by Taylor. Another nice right. Taylor still retreating. Taylor misses high kick. Nice left from Ham. Taylor going backwards the entire fight. Big exchange, Ham get the better. 2 minutes left. Ham lands big left.Taylor lands and Ham counters. Taylor rushes with combo, Ham lands counter. Taylor stings her. Body kick by Taylor. Taylor gets takedown with 7 seconds left but ends up on her back. 10-9 Taylor

Round 3 – Taylor constantly retreating. Ham hasn’t done much since first round. Nice right by Taylor. Taylor still backing up but the aggressor at the same time. Nice exchange with 2:45 left. Taylor gets the better. Big overhead right for Taylor.Not the same Ham from round one but she won’t stop coming forward. Nice headkick by Taylor. Fighters go at it. Ham tries to call timeout again and Taylor makes her pay. Replays show eyepoke but referee didn’t see it. Fight over. 10-9 Taylor. 29-28 Taylor

Judges score the bout 29-28 Ham, 30-27 Taylor, 30-27 Taylor. Interesting scoring, I thought the first round was very clearly Ham.

UFC Fight Night 101 Play by Play

Khalil Rountree (5-1) vs. Tyson Pedro (4-1)

Tyson Pedro is the hometown fighter and is a slight underdog.

Round 1 – Felling each other out for first 30 seconds. Start throwing at that point. Then Rountree lands a huge shot but Pedro recovers and takes Rountree down. Rountree works his way back up and they are clinched against the fence. Rountree against the fence. Routree is breathing out of his mouth already at the halfway point. Pedro with another takedown. He’s in half guard. Landing some soft shots is Pedro. Mount for Pedro. Moving to back. Body lock and working the choke. Has him flattened and its all over! Pedro gets the win in front of his fellow countrymen.

4:07 – 1st round submission, RNC – Tyson Pedro

UFC Fight Night 101 Play by Play

Yusuke Kasuya (9-2) vs. Alex Volkanovski (13-1)

Round 1 –Volkanovski with the nice TD defense. Volkanovski lands very nice elbow. Kasuya on his back against the fence. Volkanovski has him flat now in his half guard. Volkanovski postures up and starts landing some big shot. An elbow from half guard for Volkanovski. Move shots from Volkanovski. Kasuya goes for heel hook then reverses to end up on top of Volkanovski. One minute left in the round and Kasura working from half guard. Butterfly hooks for Volkanovski. Volkanovski reverses and ends round unloading on Kasuya. 10-9 Volkanovski

Round 2 – Volkanovski with the early takedown. Brutal GNP from Volkanovski. He’s putting a lot into getting the finish. And he gets it, pounding Kasuya repeatedly while he was trying to hold onto a leg lock. Great win for Volkanovski!

UFC Fight Night 101 Play by Play

Kyle Noke (22-9-1) vs. Omari Akhmedov (15-4)

Round 1 – Noke gets tagged a minute into the fight. Dropped cable signal and now with 2:20 left, Akhmedov is in Noke’s full guard. Noke threatens with triangle and Akhmedov lands a huge right that bloodies Noke. Noke flirts with triangle again and again Akhmedov lands a right. Akhmedov controls Noke with 35 seconds left. Noke’s face is jacked. This has been a bloody night down under. Akhmedov ends the round with a short elbow. 10-9 Akhmedov.

Round 2 – Noke is banged up coming out for the second round. Akhmedov hits a quick spinning back fist that is blocked by Noke. Noke with a high kick that gets everyone’s attention. Akhmedov lands a couple single shots. Nice body kick by Noke caught briefly. Noke should keep using his kicks. Akhmedov gets the takedown and is in Noke’s guard. Noke using butterfly guard. Referee warns due to inactivity. Akhmedov trying to stay active. Referee stands them up at the right time. Big exchange by both fighters, Akhmedov gets the better. Noke with high kick that misses. Akhmedov lands a big right hand but Noke is quick to recover. 10-9 Akhmedov.

Round 3 – Nice leg kick and hook by Noke early. Akhmedov has slowed down but is still throwing with great power. Spinning back-fist blocked by Noke. I’d love to see more body kicks from Noke. Akhmedov is coasting here. He just has to avoid big shots and is doing so with 2 minutes left in the fight. Nice leg kick by Noke but that’s not what he needs now. Winning this round means he loses. A minute left and there’s no desperation from Noke. He needs to let them go. Noke gets taken down when he telegraphs an overhand right. Akhmedov 10-9? Close round but who cares. 30-27 Akhmedov.

29-28, 29-28, 30-27 unanimous decision for Akhmedov.

UFC Fight Night 101 Play by Play

Jake Matthews (10-2) vs. Andrew Holbrook (11-1)

Round 1 – Nice kick by Matthews to fend off the aggressive Holbrook. Nice body kick by Holbrook answered by a right hand by Matthews. In the clinch in the center of the cage. Matthews escapes. Matthews has some nice striking. Holbrook chasing. Matthews has head and snaps him down. Good scramble bringing the fight back to the feet. Holbrook with a nice knee. Matthews turns Holbrook on the fence. Back to the center. Nice shot by Matthews. Inside leg kick a good one by Matthews but Holbrook shoots and gets the slow takedown. Back up against the fence, Holbrook looking for another takedown but Matthews holding it off. Holbrook gets the takedown and the 10 second wood chops are out. End of round. 10-9 Matthews in a close one.

Round 2 – Matthews is staring to take over the fight but then Holbrook gets a nice heel hook. Matthews fights it off and then takes back control. Matthews has his back now standing. Holbrook fighting being taken down. Nice elbows for Holbrook to Matthews, who was behind him. Matthews gets the takedown. Holbrook working the kimura. Matthews looking to his corner. Matthews working to escape but not yet. Holbrook finally lets go and goes after a leglock. Now a toe hold. 10 seconds left and that’s it. 10-9 Matthews in another close one.

Round 3 – Holbrook taunts Matthews, pointing to the center of the octagon. Matthews catches Holbrook with a nice hook. They trade. Holbrook chasing.Matthews with a combination. Holbrook’s right eye busted open. Matthews shoots and gets takedown but it’s a chess match. Matthews almost has Holbrook’s back. Holbrook going for heel hook again. Matthews has his back now. 80 seconds left. Matthews in Holbrook’s full guard. Holbrook landing small shots from bottom. 20 seconds left. Elbows from bottom. Posturing up and hammering down by Matthews. That’s it. Matthews 10-9.

The judges score the bout 29-28 Holbrook, 29-28 Matthews, 29-28 Holbrook. Split decision win for Holbrook.

UFC Fight Night 101 Play by Play

Robert Whittaker (16-4) vs. Derek Brunson (16-3)

Round 1 – Brunson lands a couple single shots. Brunson returns and this just turned into a brawl. Things get a little sloppy as Brunson is chasing desparately. It calms. I had to stop typing because this fight got crazy. Crazy. They exchange wildly, reminiscent of Forrest and Bonnar. Then Whittaker catches Brunson. Brunson is dazed. Whittaker swarms him but somehow Brunson stays alive. It calms for a moment and then Whittaker lands a huge right head kick and it disillusions Brunson. He covers up on the feet and Whittaker unleashes a barrage of blows that collapses Brunson. More on the ground before the ref finally steps in. WOWOWOWOW!!!!!