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UFC Fight Night 101 Live

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FS1 Prelims – UFC Fight Night 101 Live

Geane Herrera (9-2) vs. Ben Nguyen (16-6)

Round 1 – Herrera starts out with a huge bang with a flying side-kick. Things settle down a little. Nguyen with a nice 1-2 combo and low kick. A minute in and the fighters begin feeling each other out. Nice body kick by Nguyen. Herrera is doing nothing. Herrera gets knocked down but recovers nicely. Great action! Groin shot to Herrera and we have a break. Head kick by Nguyen. Combos by both fighters. Nice jab and leg kick by Nguyen. Lots of action here. Fighters are trading combinations. Nice body kick by Herrera and then Nguyen lands some sold combos. Backs Herrera up on the fence and in the clinch. 30 to go in the round and our first lull in the action as Herrera has Nguyen against the fence. Round ends. Great action. 10-9 Nguyen.

Round 2 – Herrera’s eye looks bad. High kick by Nguyen then combos to the head. These guys are hitting with bad intentions. Nice jab by Nguyen. Nguyen is doing far more damage and winning the exchanges. Really nice leg kick for Nguyen. Herrera lands a nice hook. Nguyen peppering jabs and combos. Nice body jab by Nguyen. Nice cross by Nguyen. Nice flying knee by Herrera but Nguyen takes it and returns. One minute left. High kick by Nguyen blocked. Herrera blocking some attacks but absorbing many blows. Nguyen in control here. Herrera with a nice shot and takedown to end the round. 10-9 Nguyen

Round 3 – Herrera shoots again early in the round and is stuffed. Nguyen moving in with combos and is landing a lot. Very active and peppering Herrera. Nguyen loads up and misses. Nguyen controlling the cage, a great shot by Herrera and an even better sprawl by Nguyen to avoid the takedown. Another nice shot by Nguyen. Body head combo lands with authority for Nguyen then a nice leg kick. Nguyen in clear control of this fight in all aspects. Herrera needs a KO or sub with 2 minutes left. More of the same. One minute left. Another nice body kick by Nguyen with 20 seconds left. Herrera lands a couple shots at the end and another 2 after the bell. 10-9 Nguyen. I have it 30-27 Nguyen.

Judges score it 30-27, 30-26, 30-27 for Ben Nguyen. Post fight interview with Nguyen had a pesky fly that wouldn’t leave him alone. I am excited to see him fight again.

Rich Walsh (9-5) vs. Jonathan Meunier (7-1)

Interesting note, this is a pick em fight as both are -115. Meunier is the hometown guy.

Round 1 – Fighters fell each other out early on. Inside low kick lands with authority for Walsh. Big right by Walsh countered by Meunier. Nothing major happened in the first minute. Walsh pauses for an eye poke but the ref does not stop the action. Spinning kick by Meunier misses. Spinning backlist by Walsh lands. High kick by Meunier blocked. Chess match at this point. Another attempted spinning backlist by Walsh misses. Meunier is bouncing with his hands down now. Walsh looking to mount th offensive and backs Meunier up with 1:10 left. Nice pinning backlist by Meunier! Best shot of the fight. Meunier gets the takedown and is in half guard with 15 seconds to go. Nothing happens. Close round, Meunier stole it late. 10-9 Meunier.

Round 2 – Clinch by Meunier, Walsh ends up putting Meunier against the cage, back to the center of the octagon. Nice high kick by the Canadian blocked by Walsh. Nice spinning kick to the boy by Meunier. Walsh returns. Halfway through the round. Nothing major happening. Another spinning backlist from Meunier. Another chess match. Walsh controlling center of octagon by Meunier is more active. Spinning backlist then spinning body kick by Meunier both blocked by Walsh. Nice knee in clinch from Meunier. Great end of the round by Meunier as he repeatedly lands some big shots. 10-9 Meunier.

Round 3 – Walsh comes in with a nice shot early to start the round but Meunier stuffs it for the most part. Grappling for the first 90 seconds with Walsh controlling but unable to get the takedown. They bread with 3:10 left in the fight. Meunier shoots and gets the takedown but is in danger of a guilting choke briefly. Meunier now in control on the ground but Walsh gets back to his feat. A HUGE shot lands for Walsh and Meunier recovers. Walsh winning the round but needs a finish on my scorecard. Walsh’s right eye is a mess. Walsh works the takedown and gets it with 35 left. Meunier back up and down again. Walsh trying to unload, Meunier handing tough. Fight ends. 10-9 Walsh for the round. 29-28 Meunier for the fight.

The judges score it 29-28, 30-27, 30-27 all for Jonathan Meunier.

Damien Brown (16-9) vs. Jon Tuck (9-3)

Tuck is from Guam and is a -135 favorite. Brown is the Australian

Round 1 – Tuck controlling the octagon early, shoots quick and the guillotine is a threat early for Brown! He is spending a lot on this choke and finally lets go. Tuck in half guard. Tuck landing some short shots to Browns grill. Tuck trying to land elbows but not yet. Tuck landing shots to the body, still in half. Tuck postures up and lands some huge shots. Brown getting up though. Back to the center of the octagon. Both fighters sloppily throwing punches. Little landing. Nice combo for Brown. Huge shot by Tuck floors Brown. Tuck on top. Brown is cut. Gets his back. Blood during all over the octagon. Tuck ends on Brown’s back. Great round. Tuck stole it late with the huge shot that did a ton of damage. 10-9 Tuck.

Round 2 – Computer issues. Lost this whole round. 10-9 Brown

Round 3 – Brown lands a couple headkicks midway through the round. Brown is a complete bloody mess. 2 minutes left. Brown still fighting very hard and might be winning this round. Tuck has not looked like the same fighter he did in the first round. One minute remaining. Nice right for Tuck. Brown is far more active. Crazy ending, both guys going for the fight. Tough round to score. 10-9 Brown. 29-28 Brown.

Judges scores 29-28 Tuck, 29-28 Brown, 29-28 Brown. Brown wins via split decision.

Daniel Kelly (11-1) vs. Chris Camozzi (24-11)

Round 1 – Comozzi looks really big. The two southpaws are sparing early. Nice boxing by Camozzi with 3:45 left. Kelly landing as well. Pretty even halfway through the first round. Kelly landing more often now. Stuns Camozzi with 1:39 left! Clinch now, Kelly has Camozzi against the fence. Back to the center. Huge elbow by Camozzi busts Kelly wide open. Kelly gets Camozzi’s back and then takedown to end the round. Tough round. 10-9 Kelly.

Round 2 – Kelly and Camozzi going at it early. Cut is bad and bleeding again. Kelly with a huge takedown from clinch. Scenes of Fightclub bleeding all over his opponent. Kelly in control in half guard of Camozzi. Kelly with active GNP attempts but Camozzi not letting him do much damage. 2 minutes left with Kelly tyring to posture up. Been a very bloody night in Australia already! Kelly with some big knees in side control. Camozzi unable to buck Kelly. Kelly working with 30 seconds left. Round ends without further damage. Easy 10-9 to Kelly. Camozzi needs a finish.

Round 3 – Kelly continues to land and have the advantage on the feet in the first half of the round. He lands a couple big shots and Camozzi doesn’t look like he wants to be there anymore. So bloody. Camozzi lands 4 jabs. Kelly gets a big takedown. Lots of heart. His face looks like a plate of spaghetti. 30 seconds left with Kelly in full guard. Kelly postures up with 10 seconds and ends the fight with just a second or two remaining!!! Unreal! They were NOT big shots and Camozzi looked shocked!

It was actually determined that the time had run out and it went to a unanimous decision to Brown!