UFC 207 Dana White Media Day Scrum

UFC 207 is just one day away and yesterday, Dana White spent a half hour with the media in an impromptu scrum.

Dana and the media went over a myriad of topic, including Ronda Rousey and the situation with her not taking part int he media day activities as well as not being a part of the other media events this week in Las Vegas. Also included in this media scrum:

  • Dana elaborated further on the Cain Velasquez injury and why Cain was not allowed to fight at UFC 207
  • Dana fully expects Ronda to speak after the fight, seemingly win or lose
  • Why so much of the promotional dollars focused on Ronda leading up to the fight and Nunes was more or less shut out of that
  • Ronda Rousey has done more for this company than any fighter ever, she wanted it this way and it was the least we could do for her
  • Mike Goldberg will be calling his final UFC card on Friday night
  • Dana has had a “plan for a couple years now that I have been waiting to play out, and now it’s playing out”
  • If everything goes Dana’s way, then Mike’s full-time replacement will be in place around July
  • Regarding Conor, “When Conor’s ready to talk, he knows where I am”
  • Dana – “I think everybody knows that Ronda is psychotically competitive”
  • Dana – “She’s as good as I’ve ever seen her. She’s like the old Ronda again”
  • Dana said that Werdum turned down multiple fights, one with JDS and one on UFC 208 card with Overeem.
  • Dana – “There’s different ways to turn fights down. I can call and say, ‘Hey, you want this fight?’ ‘Ah, no, I don’t want this fight.’ Another way is to say ‘Yeah, for $800,000 and a piece of the pay-per-view. That’s turning down the fight.’

There is a ton of good stuff on here! The UFC 207 Dana White Media Day Scrum was a great chance to hear some of the behind the scenes stuff that intrigues us so much.