Pinnacle FC 15 results

We will live update the main card round by round for Pinnacle FC 15 here: Pinnacle FC 15 results

John Antanitis vs. Frankie Festa –

Round 1 – Starts with some back and forth with neither fighter really taking control. Frankie has John against the cage and works for a takedown but John works his way back to his feet. Now John has Frankie against the fence in the clinch, working for the takedown until Chip Snyder calls for a break. Both fighters appear a little winded. These guys are both sporting long hair. John again backs Frankie into the fence for and they clinch, with a couple reverses before the bell sounds. Close round, tough to score. Very close but I’ll give the edge to Antanitis 10-9. Pinnacle FC 15 results

Round 2 – Back and forth to start the round again. Frankie lands a combo after jumping in aggressively. Nice jabs by Frankie. John missing a lot. A little sloppy by both fighters. Huge head kick by John is mostly blocked by Frankie. They exchange kicks. Frankie has a nice man bun. And beard. This is an interesting fight. Nice head kick by Frankie is partially blocked. Nobody has taken control yet. Superman feint by John. Interesting scramble has the fighters against the cage as time expires. Frankie gets the nod this round in another close one. 10-9 Festa. Round 3 determines the fight on my card.

Round 3 – Outsde leg kicks traded early. Nice lunging jab by Frankie. They exchange leg kicks again. they go to the clinch and John ends up with the takedown, Frankie immediately back to his feet. Frankie now has Johns back and the takedown. He’ looks like he has a choke but neither hook in. Maybe he had him in the crucifix because he got the tap! Hard to tell from my angle.

John Antanitis is the winner!

Pinnacle FC 15 results

Jose Martinez vs. James Pfeiffer – Two fighters making their pro debuts.

Round One – Martinez comes out strong but then Pfeiffer catches him with a huge head kick. They are clinched against the fence. Foot stomps by Pfeiffer. Still working for the takedown but Martinez is defending nicely. Nice knee by Martinez. back to the center of the cage. Martinez striking looks crisp and Pfeiffer goes back to the clinch. Martinez lands another nice knee with his back to the cage. Pfeiffer working hard again for the takedown but again Martinez defends until the ref breaks. Not long until clinch agains the cage again by Pfeiffer. Martinez defending nicely again. Elbow by Martinez as he defends takedown with his back to the cage.  Ref breaks it and both fighters to the center. The 10 second bell sounds and both fighters go for the round, both landing big shots. 10-9 Pfeiffer.

Round 2 – Nice exchange early leads to yet another clinch against the fence. Pfeiffer happy to just grind it out. Nice knee by Martinez. Martinez defending this takedown very nicely again. The crowd is getting a little restless with all of this clinching agains the fence. Ref breaks it and they end up right back there. Martinez defends again and lands some nice elbows. Pfeiffer finally get a takedown. In Martinez’s half guard. Martinez uses a Kimura to sweep but Pfeiffer ends up right back on top. 10-9 Pfeiffer.

Round 3 – More of the same as they immediately end up in the clinch with Martinez’s back against the cage. Nearly this entire fight has been in the clinch against the fence. This one is a snoozer. Pfeiffer not able to do anything with the position. Another break by the ref. Martinez and Pfeiffer exchange for a little while and it’s exciting for about 6 seconds, then back to the clinch agains the fence. Martinez has a kimura again and uses it to sweep Pfeiffer. Martinez now in his half guard.Martinez now has his back and has him flattened and is unloading. Pfeiffer rolls over and is now mounted. Martinez unloads with 10 seconds left, but too little too late. 10-9 Martinez and 29-28 Pfeiffer on my card.

Judges score a split decision 29-28 each way and 29-28 for Jose Martinez. I don’t know which of the first two rounds could have been scored for Martinez.

Pinnacle FC 15 results

Dominic Mazzotta vs. Solon Staley

Round 1 – The crowd is going crazy for the hometown boy, Dominic Mazzotta. Bell sounds and Mazzotta dances a little. They feel each other out. Nice leg kick by Dom. And another. Staley rushes and misses. Catches Dom with a short right, partially blocked but backed him off. Staley rushes in and lands a couple but Mazz gets the clinch and takedown. Patiently working for better position. Lands a nice right after posturing up. Staley has Mazz in full guard. Dom works to mountain hammer fists. Trying to get his  back and does. Dom now has the body lock and has Staley’s back. Working for arm bar and then abandon’s. Still riding is back and it looks like it’s only a matter of time as he’s in the choke. Staley defends nicely but now Dom is hammering down. 10 seconds and Dom nearly snaps Staleys arm off but the bell rings. What a round for the hometown boy, Dominic Mazzotta. 10-9 Mazzotta.

Round 2 – Staley looks a little more patient and Mazz capitalizes by landing several nice shots early. Staley returns a nice right to slow Mazz down. Staley swinging to destroy but not landing much.Nice leg kick by Staley and Mazz get the takedown. Again, he is being patient to advance his position. It leads to a standup and Staley lands a nice shot but Mazz immediately returns and gets the takedown.Staley knees Mazz to the head and there is a break and a point deduction. Staley has a bum leg and Mazzi s going right for it. Then a high kick. Then a takedown. Mazz to side control. Mazz now had back with body lock and the bell is going to save Staley. Staley is limping badly on his lead leg. Another round for Mazz 10-9

Round 3 – This crowd is loud for Dominic! They want a finish. Dom gets a pretty quick takedown after leading with leg kicks. Has his back. Body lock. Wearing him down. Staley works nicely back to his feet and then buckles under his knee. Dom has his back again. Flattens Staley out but Staley is resilient! Staley now on top after sweep. Dom uses leg lock attempt to sweep after about 20 seconds. Dom postures up and lands elbows. 30 seconds and Dom is riding it out. Postures up and lands several before the round ends. Dom 10-9 again.

All 3 judges score it 30-26 (point deduction for Staley in round 2) for Mazzotta.