#MayMacWorldTour Recap – Brooklyn Day 3 – Making It Rain

#MayMacWorldTour Recap

McMoney-1024x683 #MayMacWorldTour Recap - Brooklyn Day 3 - Making It Rain

#MayMacWorldTour Recap – Day 3

#MayMacWorldTour Recap – Round 3 has been completed. Style points go to McGregor for the fine outfit. Not that I’m an expert, but the over-the-top pants and mink won him the walkout portion of the show.

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He was so confident, he didn’t even bother with a shirt.
The crowd wasn’t nearly as vocally pro-Connor as in Toronto, but that may be more due to the overwhelming support showed up North. Then again, after waiting 1.5 hours for the presser to start, that the crowd was as vocal as they were was a credit to them. And they absolutely packed the Barclay’s Center.
I realize the purpose of the verbal spats is to sell the fights, and these pressers have upped the interest. Thankfully, tonight’s showdown seemed to lack the racial undertones of the previous smack talks. A much needed break from unneeded material, Connor still dipped his toe in, as he defended criticism of those prior portions of his repertoire.
Connor’s performance tonight, much like the Diaz fights where he punched himself tired in the first two rounds, seemed to have him a bit weighed down.

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Where he still threw some good punches, it wasn’t his best showing…though still plenty good.
Highlights between the two were Connor connecting with props to the other Notorious…the B.I.G. Floyd did make it rain on stage, tossing cash at his “poor” 3 million/fight opponent…to which Connor pointed out it was only $1 bills.
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The scary part of the night was when Mayweather’s security teamed approached McGregor, and Connor’s security had a nice little standoff with them.
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(Had that brawl happened, it would have far exceed expectations for the actual fight on August 26th.) I’m not sure if the delay prior to tonight’s press conference soured my attitude for it, but this one was not as good as the first 2. Granted, how much material are two fighters supposed to come up with? I do expect Connor will be impressive when the world tour continues from the other side of the pond tomorrow. London should be throwing him all the support and bringing out his best.

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